Size Standard Table

PVC tubes for wire harnesses


Extrusion products for the automotive and Electrical insulation of components devices. Excellent heat aging, insulation, incombustibility and Electrically insulating tube with a performance based on customer requirement standards. Control and Test follow up JIS Japanese Standards Association.

Soft Tube Product Example

Sample Tubes


1 unit (roll) varies 100 to 300 m.

Packing example of Cutting Tube

We also provide cut tubes on demand

Package Examle of Cut Tubes

Packing style can be speified on demand

Manufacturing Devices

Manufacturing devices for Extrusion Tube


K.U. Nomura Thai Ltd. starts offering dipping products –terminal sleeves to begin with.Terminal sleeves are widely used for wire harness suppliers to protect electric terminals. We cover both general and UL standard grade PVC sol, material of terminal sleeves.More products will be added to our dipping product portfolio in the future.