Door Gasket

Since its establishment, K.U. NOMURA has produced refrigerator gaskets as our main products. In addition to gasket holder made of PVC, we also produce magnet strip which is inserted in the holder, making it as assembled gasket. This product mix enabled us to more flexibly and quickly respond to customer’s request. Supported by technologies transferred from KNK and eagerness of local Thai employees, we increased production capacity and gained quality standard level which made it possible to be chosen by globally reputed home appliance makers.

Production Process

Its manufacturing includes; Extrusion - Mixed and melted raw material is extruded as pieces Pre-welding - These pieces are cut in 45 degree and put magnet strips Welding - After pre-welding, the pieces are weded (combined) at each corner and form one frame.

Packing Process

We deliver products on JIT (Just In Time) basis with specially designed trucks to our domestic customers in Thailand.

Packing for Export

Our finished goods are carefully delivered to overseas customers packed in special cardboard boxes.

Manufacturing Machines

Manufacture products  with various extruding machines of which sizes range from 40 to 90 mm.